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15 Topics. 15 Minutes Each. Become the Best Dad You Can Be.

Start by watching this short video from Christopher Brown, President of National Fatherhood Initiative®.

Then, your next task is to watch the short video from a dad named John Thomas. John went through one of our other fatherhood programs called 24/7 Dad®.

Hear from NFI President, Christopher Brown 2:04

Hear from NFI President, Christopher Brown

Hear from John Thomas, 24/7 Dad® Participant 1:06

Hear from John Thomas, 24/7 Dad® Participant

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<h3><span>01 Family History</span></h3>

01 Family History

<h3><span>02 Being a Man and Dad</span></h3>

02 Being a Man and Dad

<h3><span>03 Handling Emotions</span></h3>

03 Handling Emotions

<h3><span>04 Grief and Loss</span></h3>

04 Grief and Loss

<h3><span>05 Your Health</span></h3>

05 Your Health

<h3><span>06 You and Mom</span></h3>

06 You and Mom

<h3><span>07 Talking with Mom</span></h3>

07 Talking with Mom

<h3><span>08 Co-Parenting</span></h3>

08 Co-Parenting

<h3><span>09 Fathering Skills</span></h3>

09 Fathering Skills

<h3><span>10 Child Development</span></h3>

10 Child Development

<h3><span>11 Child Discipline</span></h3>

11 Child Discipline

<h3><span>12 Sexuality</span></h3>

12 Sexuality

<h3><span>13 Intimacy</span></h3>

13 Intimacy

<h3><span>14 Work-Family Balance</span></h3>

14 Work-Family Balance

<h3><span>15 Managing Money</span></h3>

15 Managing Money

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